Biotic farming


Grow and produce in respect of the surrounding nature, fauna and flora.

Biotic farming is one of the best way to stop chemical dependencies in agricultural
Rather than using chemical products for food growing, you can use
inputs like companion crops, animals, cover crops and flowers to replace synthetic
fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.
This system sustains yields, has greater water efficiency and it supports flourishing
ecosystem and encourage beneficial insects, soil microbes and carbon cycling.
Our partners, the sugar factory Taboga in Costa Rica, are using companion crop such as
rice to enrich the sugarcane field and increase the yield.

Another of our partner, the sugar factory Valdez in Ecuador, has worked and invested a
lot in the "Rebird project". 

They made a bird sanctuary out our their sugarcane plantation, which consequently
enriched the soil and the ecosystem and they no more need to use fertilizers and pesticides.