Our standarts

Supply chain side
- Grow and produce in respect of the surrounding nature, fauna and flora.
- No abuse of the land to fulfill excess demand, (no need to supply at any cost,

  products can be diversified) there is no need of abusing the land and resources.
- Promote BIOTIC farming.
- Avoid pollution in the process of manufacturing the product.
- Use what is in the immediate environment to grow and produce.
- Honesty (no cheating in production quality to fulfill demands)
- Promote collectivity support and work.
- Produce in respect of the end consumer needs (food requirement and diet,

  cultural requirements, religious requirement and health)

Buyers and consumers side
- Respect the product
- Pay the right price
- Respect and value the origin and culture where the product comes from
- Consume with frugality
- Prefer no packaging (zero waste) products or at least recyclable or reuseable